Fertilizing results with Vaki Chim Ltd. – Grow Plant Gel, Grow Plant B10.5% + Mo0.5% and Grow Plant Chelate Mix. Raspberries are fed with Grow Plant Gel 16-65-16 + ME at the beginning of the vegetation once, then twice with Grow Plant Gel 28-28-28 + 2% MgO + ME, then during the fruitfulness with Growth Gel Fertilization 20-10-55 + 2% MgO + ME. The fertilizer rates applied by the farmer of the three gels are: 2.5 kg / decar in 10 days. During the season, plants are leaf sprayed three times with Grow Plant B10.5% + Mo0.5% and once in September with Grow Plant chelate Mix. The pictures are taken on 28,10,2017 and 0,11,2017. Varieties: Paris, Polka and Heritage. Farm: Aprilovo village, Reg. Targovishte