Grow Plant Liquids


Introducing Grow Plant Liquid – the ultimate liquid fertilizer range that will take your crops to the next level. Our innovative and highly concentrated formulas are designed to provide balanced mineral nutrition and biostimulation, making them perfect for foliar application and drip irrigation.

Say goodbye to nutrient deficiencies and hello to increased productivity, stronger plant development, and enhanced resistance to abiotic stress. Our 100% EDTA-chelated elements ensure maximum absorption, delivering outstanding results every time.

With Grow Plant Liquid, you can expect the following results:

  • Increased plant productivity
  • Enhanced plant root growth and development
  • Improved resistance to abiotic stress
  • Higher-quality fruits and vegetables

Experience the power of Grow Plant Liquid and enjoy higher-quality plants that will exceed your expectations. Trust in our expertise and take your crops to new heights with Grow Plant Liquid.

Grow Plant Mix

Grow Plant Liquid Mix Cereales

Grow Plant Liquid Mix Cereales Special + Amino Acids and Seaweed Extract

Grow Plant Liquid Mix Sunflower

Grow Plant Liquid

Grow Plant Liquid NPK 5-7,5-15 + TE

Grow Plant Liquid Max Calcium 10,5-0-0 15% CaO +2,5% MgO + TE

Grow Plant Liquid 25-0-0 + 2% MgO + TE

Grow Plant Seeds

Grow Plant Liquid NPK 12-6-6 + 5% SO₃ + TE

Grow Plant Liquid NPK 10-10-10 + 1,5% Amino Acids

Grow Plant Liquid NPK 3-0-18 + TE

Grow Plant Liquid NPK Stop Freeze

Grow Plant Amino

Grow Plant Liquid Aminomax

Grow Plant Liquid Algamin

Grow Plant Liquid Aminoxomplex

Grow Plant Liquid Humate Active

Grow Plant Chelates


Grow Plant Zinc 12% ZnO + 2% MgO


Grow Plant Zinc 6%

Grow Plant Chelate Mn 6%

Grow Plant Chelate Cu 7%

Grow Plant Boron 11%

Grow Plant Boron & Molybdenum B 10,5% + Mo 0,5%

Grow Plant Boron & Manganese B 9% + Mn 2% + Mo 0,42%

Grow Plant Boron & Zinc B 9% + Zn 2%

Grow Plant Chelate Mix

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