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Grow Plant NPK Water-Soluble

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Grow Plant NPK

About Our Products


Grow Plant NPK are crystalline water-soluble fertilizers with various combinations of macroelements.
The Grow Plant NPK series is manufactured to meet the nutritional needs of different crops at different stages of development.
Fertilizers are characterized by perfect quality, trace elements in Chelate form and 100% water solubility. Free from chlorine and sodium.
Vaki-Chim Grow Plant NPK’s wide range of water-soluble fertilizers covers the full range of nutrients needed for optimal plant nutrition. Modern agriculture requires that crops be provided with optimal nutrient levels.
That is why Vaki – Chim Ltd. manufactures and markets high quality NPK fertilizers from the Grow Plant series.

All NPK fertilizers are completely water-soluble, chlorine-free, sodium and other harmful elements and are effectively absorbed by plants.



 Grow Plant NPK 20-20-20 + TE

 Grow Plant NPK 10-45-10 + TE

 Grow Plant NPK 15-10-30 + TE

Grow Plant NPK 30-10-10 + TE

 Grow Plant MICROMIX

Grow Plant NPK Black Energy

About Our Products


GROW PLANT GEL MAX are gel-like mineral fertilizers containing macroelements ( N, P2O5, KaO, CaO, MgO, SO3 ) and microelements (B, Zn, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo ). The microelements are in chelated form. 100% water soluble. Only the highest quality raw materials are used to make the Grow Plant Gel, making it more efficient and easy to use.5



Grow Plant NPK Black Energy 18-18-18 + TE

Grow Plant NPK Black Energy 15-40-5 + TE

Grow Plant NPK Black Energy 15-5-30 + TE

Grow Plant NPK Black Energy 30-10-7 + TE