Grow Plant GRAND MIX

Grow Plant Grand Mix is a liquid mineral fertilizer designed to nourish the microelements of plants. Plant amino acids enhance and accelerate the action of the product.



Relative weight:

1,3 kg/l


Boron (B) 7%
Zinc (Zn EDTA) 2,5%
Manganese (Mn EDTA) 2,5%
Cupper (Cu EDTA) 1,4%
Molybdenum (Mo) 0,20%
Amino acids ( vegetal ) 8%


Culture Application phase Leaf application Drip irrigation system
Cereals  When constructing the inflorescence  50-200 ml/ha  –
Maize  Phase 4-8 leaves  50-200 ml/ha  0,5-2 l/ha
Sunflower  When the leaves are sufficiently developed  50-200 ml/ha  –
Rapeseed  Phase initial flowering and rosette phase  50-200 ml/ha  –
Fruits  In the beginning of phase flowering  50-200 ml/ha  0,5-2 l/ha
Vineyards  Phase 4th leaf after flowering  50-200 ml/ha  0,5-2 l/ha
Potatoes  3 weeks after germination  50-200 ml/ha  0,5-2 l/ha

*The product is available in packs of 1 l and 20 l