Grow Plant Liquid

Grow Plant Liquid is part of a unique range of liquid fertilizers that combines balanced mineral nutrition and biostimulation. This range of liquid fertilizers, which are suitable for both foliar application and drip irrigation, has been specifically designed to cope with crop nutrient deficiencies.
Each Grow Plant Liguid Series fertilizer is innovative, well balanced and highly concentrated, enriched with the highest quality algae extract and 100% EDTA chelated elements.

Using Grow Plant Liquid, you will get high results because of:
> Increased overall plant productivity
> Increased plant root growth and plant development
> Increased resistance of plants to abiotic stress
> Higher quality fruits and vegetables


Apply Grow Plant Liquid fertilizer so you get full coverage. Preferably before the formation of the culture. Do not use in soil applications that have direct contact with the seed. The liquid fertilizer applied through the soil must be moved to the root zone so that it can be absorbed by the plant. This can be achieved by irrigation, rainfall or plowing.