For more than 20 years, Vaki Chim Ltd. has approved itself as a renowned fertilizer company on the Bulgarian market in the field of agrarian sector. By working closely with large fertilizer manufacturers, Vaki Chim Ltd. imports and distributes a wide range of water soluble fertilizers, NPK fertilizers, chelates, as well as nourishing elements for plant growing and agriculture. Taking the challenge to meet the needs and desires of its customers, in 2016, the company opened its first factory where it produces its own line of fertilizer under the Grow Plant brand. Vaki Chiml Ltd.'s business policy is aimed to deliver high quality products which lead to measurable, positive results that are at the same time cost-effective in optimizing for their customers.
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From our manager

Nutrition is a world-wide priority, which begins in the farmers' fields, continues with the processing and fertilization of plants and ends up with the distribution of production to us and our families. That is why complete nutrition of plants is our priority and being an important part of the whole cycle, we engage for delivering top-level fertilizers by focusing on all stages of production technology - from the raw materials to the final solutions in the industry. Our strength is based on our expert know-how and a team of professionals, synergizing efforts with loyalty and passion for one common goal - SUPPORTING EVERY FARMER.
Stoycho Grivov

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Production of fertilizers

Our great experience in the sphere of the agricultural business and the long standing trust between us and our customers place us not only as a leading fertilizer company and distributor of quality products, but also as a leader in production. The quality of the products we develop and produce is a reflection not only of Vaki Chim Ltd., but also of our customers’ needs and trust in our presence on the market.

We introduce you our product line GROW PLANT:

Grow Plant Gel series; Grow Plant NPK water-soluble fertilizers series; Grow Plant Liquid series; Grow Plant Hellate series

We know that in the world of fertilizer production, diversity and flexibility are of key importance. That's why we offer you the ability to turn your conceptual ideas into different NP and NPK formulations, according to your personal needs in a successful end product.

Trade with fertilizers

With a strong engagement and ability to deliver quality products, together with S & S Industrial Co Ltd we import into Bulgaria and distribute a wide range of two-component water soluble fertilizers:
Potassium nitrate;
Monoammonium phosphate;
Monopotassium phosphate;
Magnesium sulfate;
Magnesium nitrate;
Calcium nitrate;
Potassium sulphate

You can now also find all types of Grow Plant mineral fertilizers in the trade network:

Grow Plant Gel;
Grow Plant NPK water-soluble fertilizers;
Grow Plant Liquid;
Grow Plant Hellate

The full range of products we offer can be viewed in our portfolio on the PRODUCTS


In order to be as useful as possible for our clients and to offer quality and professional service, we provide inner and international supplies. We have our own motor fleet for deliveries on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria to the storehouse of the customer. Deliveries abroad are made by foreign transport through foreign companies.


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