Grow Plant Seeds

Grow Plant Seeds is a liquid mineral fertilizer designed to nourish and accelerate seed germination even before or immediately after sowing. Amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, and trace elements (Mn, Zn, Cu, Mo) are in the amount needed to feed each grain. And the unique formula of micro- and macro-elements in the required ratio contributes to the long-lasting effect of action.


Treating seed before sowing is an important measure for obtaining quality seedlings. Seed nourishment is done by treating the seeds with the necessary amount of macro- and microelements for the plants.
Fed seed grows faster to form a better root system, resulting in higher yields and better production.
In addition to seeds, the fertilizer is also extremely effective in cutting cuttings. This happens as the maternal plant cuttings are immersed in a 0.01% solution for 12 hours. Then add a little bit of fertilizer to the sowing site.



Relative weight:

1.300 кг/л


Total nitrogen (N) 10%
-Ammonium nitrogen 2,95%
-Amide nitrogen 7,05%
Phosphorus (P2O5) 15%
Sulfur (S) 2,10%
Mangan (Mn) 1,50%
Zinc (Zn) 2,50%
Copper (Cu) 2,50%
Molybdenum (Mo) 0,50%


Wheat, rye, oats 100 ml / 100 kg of seeds
Barley 140 ml / 100 kg of seeds
Sunflower 1l / 100 kg of seeds
Maize 1l / 100 kg of seeds


Feed the seeds before they are sown.
This treatment reflects very well the seeds, and subsequently the plants.
With this seed treatment, you do not protect them from disease, but only help them grow faster.

* The product is available in packs of 1 liter, 5 l and 20 l.